General Context:

Welcome to The Traditional Surfcasters. Over the next year, as a Probationary Member you will have the opportunity to see if our fishing club meets with your goals and expectations, and likewise, we will have the chance to determine if you fit in with our values and philosophy. This document will describe some of what you can expect during the one year probationary period:


Six Club Meetings Per Year:

Probationary members do not vote on any issues that arise during the meetings, and they are expected to listen and learn about the club. 


Attendance at meetings is mandatory for probationary members and is viewed as an indication of your commitment and interest in joining our fishing club.


As a Probationary Member, you will have the opportunity to determine if our fishing club matches your goals and expectations, and we will also have the chance to discover if you fit in with our values and philosophy. Please direct any questions to the Membership Chairman during your probationary period.


Reaching Out:

We place the responsibility of contacting club members on the Probationary Member. The club requires you to reach out (phone/email) occasionally to club members to support the “getting to know you” phase of your probationary membership. Communication during the probationary period helps members to develop a sense of you that is relevant when you come up for a vote to full membership.


Mentoring Program:

You are eligible to be considered for our mentoring program. More information on the program can be found by contacting the Membership Chairman or by viewing the mentoring section on this site.



There is a $10 fee for Probationary Members. This fee is credited against your first full year’s membership if you are elected into the club at the conclusion of the probationary period.


Fishing Contests:

The club participates in inter and intra-club fishing competitions. As a Probationary Member you are not eligible to enter fish in these contests. The club may also have periodic fishing contests and you are eligible to participate in these events but are not eligible to win them. Contest awards are only given to full members. However, club contests represent an important opportunity to talk to members and perhaps receive a little assistance.



The Traditional Surfcasters and probationary members reserve the right to end their involvement as a probationary member at any time.