Mentor: Mark Broome


Mark Broome is a mentor for the club.  Mark has a unique perspective as a mentor because he can understand what it’s like to be a “mentee,” because William “Doc “ Muller mentored Mark for several years.  He is one of the founding fathers of the Traditional Surfcasters and his style of fishing, predominately with artificial lures, is a testament to his fondness and respect for the sport, and his dedication to our club. 

Mark is a surf-fishing guide. He has been featured on Cablevision’s News 12 Long Island and has also appeared in several publications.

Mark has received a variety of awards in competition as a member of the Traditional Surfcasters. These awards include most striped bass points, most bluefish points, most club points, most released points, and largest of species for both bluefish and striped bass.   Mark has also finished in the top 10 in the New York Surf Fishing Contest several times including finishing in 5th place in 2003.