Welcome to The Traditional Surfcasters. As a member of the Traditional Surfcasters you are eligible to be considered for our mentoring program. This section describes some of what you can expect from the mentoring program:


A Unique Opportunity:

In keeping with the club’s philosophy, goals, and objectives, we offer a unique program to help new members assimilate the traditions of the sport of surf fishing as well as those of our club. Successful participation also fast tracks mentees towards a higher level of accomplishment.


How It Works:


A. General Conditions:

The program is not mandatory and may be declined. If a member chooses to participate, the club leadership will assess the candidate’s ability to fully immerse into the program as well as the available personnel to serve as a mentor. Together, the leadership and the candidate will attempt to determine if demands of family, health, and work will provide sufficient opportunity to benefit from the program. It is important for candidates to understand that the club will select and assign a mentor.


B. The Process:

  1. A mentee will spend at least one year under the guidance of a mentor. Although the mentoring time span varies from person to person depending upon experience and ability, most people are formally mentored for two years.

  2. However, your mentor will always be available for discussion and analysis regardless of how advanced your skills become.

  3. Much of the early part of mentoring will involve phone conversations. A strong foundation must be established this way in order to shorten the learning curve in an appropriate way. Your mentor will decide when, where, and why you will fish with your mentor.

  4. While being mentored you will basically fish alone in order to focus on the process and not be distracted by the needs and/or demands of others.

  5. You may expect feedback, guidance, suggestions, and questioning from your mentor.

  6. You and your mentor will analyze your fishing outings: Pre and post analysis.

  7. You will be expected to follow the process as directed by your mentor. If you don’t understand something please question your mentor, but also understand that even after questioning you may not understand the reasons behind your mentor’s direction. You will eventually understand, but should such a disparity occur, trust your mentor and push forward. Mentees who follow directions thoroughly and carefully make very fast progress.

  8. The first few months of the process involve developing a rapport between the mentor and mentee. This rapport is essential for rapid progress.

  9. In addition to lessons about skills, techniques, and strategies, your mentor will also acquaint you with the unwritten traditions of how to handle relationships, competition, and other ancillary aspects of the sport that, when untutored, often get new club members into some difficulty.

  10. Your mentor will invest you with a more thorough understanding and appreciation of the species we hunt and their conservation, so that each mentee can become a better steward of our marine resources.

  11. As a mentee you will be guided and instructed in a variety of ways including time spent with your mentor at our two annual fishing contests. It is an excellent opportunity for the mentee to ask questions of the mentor and receive hands-on instruction.