Recommended Reading:

1. Surfcaster by William A. “Doc” Muller, 2013

2. Fishing with Bucktails by William "Doc" Muller

3. Surf Fishing For Stripers And Blues by William "Doc" Muller

4. Secrets Of Surf Fishing At Night. New Edition 2012, by William "Doc" Muller

5. Surf Fishing With The Experts Richard Reina and William “Doc” Muller

6. Fishing for Flounder by William "Doc" Muller

7. Fishing for Weakfish by William "Doc" Muller

8.  Party Boat Fishing With The Experts by William "Doc" Muller

9. Small Boat Fishing With The Experts by William "Doc" Muller

10. Plague of Terror by William "Doc" Muller (Fiction)

11. Vanishing Cures by William A. “Doc” Muller  (Fiction)

12. Reading the Water by Robert Post

13. The Call of the Surf, Van Campen Heilner and Frank Stick

14. The Complete Book of Striped Bass Fishing by Frank Woolner and Henry Lyman

15. Striper Moon by J. Kenney Abrames

16. The Ultimate Guide to Surfcasting by Ron Arra, Curt Garfield, Nelson Bryant

17. The Striped Bass by Nick Karas

18. The Striped Bass Chronicles by George Reiger

19. The Complete Book of Fishing Knots by Geoffrey Budworth

20. The Surfcasters Guide To The Striper Coast by DJ Muller

21. Striper Wars - An American Fish Story by Dick Russell

22. Stripers Chronicles by Leon Orsi

23. The Surfcasers Quest by Roy Rowan

24. A Season on the Edge by John Skinner

25. The Art of Surfcasting with Lures by Zeno Hromin