Tips and techniques: The club’s first group of tips deals with very basic issues. They may be elementary, but we have found they are neglected, nonetheless. So, do you overlook any of these things?


  1. Sharpen hooks regularly

  2. Check your rod tip-top and guides for nicks and cracks that could cut your line

  3. Make sure the roller on your reel turns freely

  4. Hang bucktails to dry so they don’t discolor

  5. Fish tides, not specific times of day

  6. Change terminal tackle knots often

  7. Keep a log or diary of your successes and failures

  8. Carry different lengths of pork rind for your bucktails to match different baits

  9. Develop a strategy for each fishing outing

  10. Sustain a keen interest in learning at least one new thing each trip